Evaluation Station!

 OneDrive Tutorial


How to use OneDrive.Com


Go to OneDrive.Com.

Click on the word or block that says, “Documents.”

That will open a page where you can post your documents.

Click and drag whatever documents you wish onto that page. (You can put everything on one page and rearrange it into logical groups prior to sending it to me. Having everything on one page makes it really easy for me to review the portfolio!)

(If you have scanned documents into a file, open the file and drag them one at a time onto the “Documents” page. The documents you are sending need to be saved as either .PDF or .JPEG, or there is a good chance I will not be able to open them.)

Once you have everything loaded onto the "Documents" page, go to the top of the page.

On the right side just under the blue border you will see, “Sort by:

Click on the  “V” symbol to access the pull down menu.

Select “Rearrange.”

This will open another page showing all of the documents you just loaded.

Here, you can click and drag the documents you loaded into a better order. (For example- Put all the math samples together and in order from earliest to most recent. Do this for each subject.)

When you have everything arranged, click on “Save sort order” on the top left side of the page under the blue border.

Back on the page now with your documents, click on “Sharing” in the top blue border.

Type in the email of the person you are sending the documents to, then click on “Share” in the blue rectangle. (It may have you copy a code for security purposes, but if so, after that, your documents will be delivered instantly!)  Welcome to the 21st Century.