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      I'm Carleen Galiardo, also known as "Mrs. G", . I was blessed to be a certified teacher in the state of Florida from 1984 until 2018, and a homeschooling mom since 1997.  My husband, Ray, and I have been married since 1989 and have 2 handsome boys on earth and two darling children in Heaven. We are blessed to love and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ / Yeshua.    

     I began EvaluationStation.Com to assist, guide, and encourage the homeschooling community. I loved conducting Portfolio Evaluations, seeing what your students have been able to accomplish, checking for progress, and offering helpful advice and resources. I provided this service to the ENTIRE STATE of FLORIDA using the ONLINE or "CYBER" option for nine years! It was my great joy and privilege to have the opportunity to assist, encourage, and celebrate the accomplishments of the hard working homeschooling families in our state. I have also been able to do evals for one homeschooling family who lives on a boat, another who lives in Ecuador, and another who lives in Zambia!

     In 2017, we realized our dream of moving to a yacht. Through nothing but the grace of God, we now live aboard, "ShipsAhoy!", a 2004 80' Lazzara yacht at a marina in St. Petersburg, FL (You can find out more about ShipsAhoy! at ShipsAhoyCharter.Com)

    As I have moved on to other things that the Lord has for me to do (like tutoring at our local elementary school, teaching Sunday school, giving small seminars for Newbie Homeschoolers, chartering our yacht to raise money for A Door of Hope Foster Ministry, and becoming a grandparent!) one thing that I really prayed about was finding someone special to jump in and continue to serve "my" clients. I'm pleased to say, the Lord is faithful and He has provided a wonderful evaluator, Mrs. Loraine Materasso, which I am happy to welcome aboard Evaluation Station. I know you will love her and I'm quite certain she will love all of you!





with Stephen and Robert


Joe and Loraine Materasso


Michael and Alyssa


     Mrs. Materasso is a Florida State Certified teacher and

a very well qualified Homeschool Evaluator. Loraine

earned a BS degree in K-12 Exceptional Student

Education in 2006, in addition to a K-6 Elementary

Education Certification and ESOL Endorsement. She has

homeschooled her two children, Michael and Alyssa, since

2011. She has been married to Joe for 14 years. Her

family attends Grace Christian Fellowship Church in

Largo, FL. She is very excited about serving the Florida

Homeschooling community, and we are really excited to

have Loraine as a part of Evaluation Station!

Colossians 3:23