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Now that we got all that straight, I hope you all had a great year homeschooling!

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Homeschooling Works! 


                 Stephen, A.A. Degree, Spring 2013                   Stephen (and Mama!) Spring 2015, B.A. in Finance!

    With GREAT joy, I present to you, our son, STEPHEN AVERY GALIARDO, who graduated, Magna Cum Laude, in the spring of 2013 with his AA degree from SPC. In the spring of 2015, Stephen graduated from USFSP, College of Business with a B.A. in Finance. He achieved the designation of Magna Cum Laude (again!) and was THIRD in his graduating class! Homeschooled from day one, Stephen is now working at an international financial firm in St. Petersburg, FL. We are looking forward to his wedding to the girl of his dreams in the spring of 2016! 

     His younger brother, ROBERT CHANDLER GALIARDO, was also homeschooled from day one. Vowing to achieve an even higher GPA than his brother (Don't you just love sibling rivalry?). Robert graduated in the spring of 2015 with his A.A. degree from St. Petersburg College, Summa Cum Laude! He will be attending the USFSP College of Business in the fall of 2015, seeking a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. Go Bulls!

     Update: Robert graduated May 7, 2017 with a B.S. in Business Management from USFSP. And this concludes the formal education of all of our children! (Insert pic of me doing a cartwheel!)

     We are overwhelmed by the goodness of God. SO proud of our sons. SO grateful for what the Lord has done in our lives and will continue to do. He is faithful. Let US be faithful in what He has called us to do... this monumental task of homeschooling!

Robert, A.A. Degree, Spring 2015 with his very proud and grateful parents.

And celebrating his B.S. Degree from USFSP on May 7, 2017!


                                                      You are AMAZING

My clients are first time newbies and seasoned professionals. They are stay at home

mom's and full-time employees. Some are even dads, and one is a brother. Some are

dirt poor. Some, well-off and generous. They are college educated and... not so much.

Some are single. One is blind. One is homeless. Many have endured the loss of a loved

one (as we have). This helped us minister to you. They live all over the state of Florida,

and some in other states. One lives in Ecuador, one in Zambia, one family lives on a

boat with two little red headed homeschooled boys and travels the world. Some want

to be truck drivers, some neuro surgeons. Some are professional tennis players. Some

are professional ballet dancers. Many are taking college courses. Some are working hard

to accomplish even the most simple skill of turning a head- sometimes not so simple.

None are perfect. But you all have one thing in common (besides knowing me) ...

You are AMAZING. And I am so entirely blessed to be a part of your lives. God has great

plans for you!

Need an eval?



Preparing for a Portfolio Evaluation

is as easy as 1,2,3 ! 

If  you  do  not  complete  ALL  of  these  steps,

  your evaluation  will  not  get  done!

     1.  Fill out TWO DIFFERENT FORMS-

a "Contact" Form so I can start a current file for your family.If you do not provide your email address and your phone contact on this form, I will not be able to contact you!

 AND- fill out a current "Student Info Form" for EACH student that will be evaluated.

Both of these forms can be found on our "Contact" page.

   Hit SEND after EACH form or I won't get them all.

     2. Read EVERYTHING on our "Services" page, including our powerpoint, "How to Prepare for a Portfolio Evaluation, without losing your mind!" and download our handy "Checklist".  Do not submit this checklist. It is for your use
     3. Pay for your evaluation. You can do this right on our "Services" page using PayPal. (Payment must be received prior to portfolio review.)  I am like a vending machine- I don't work until I get paid!

     If we are doing an online evaluation (My favorite!), as soon as you have sent me the "items required by law" (as indicated in the power-point and on the Checklist on our "Services" page), and you have completed #'s 1, 2, and 3 above, I will get busy with the review.

As soon as that is complete, I will contact you to set up an appointment to meet with you and your student(s) for a brief, helpful online interview using Skype, FaceTime , or Facebook Messenger (video option. Assuming I see progress, the Certificate of Review will be emailed directly to your County Liaison and to you.

     If we are meeting in person, just bring the portfolio and your student to the agreed upon location and be prepared to wait as I go through each item required by law. Then we will proceed with the interview portion.

Note to the Newbees: Please don't feel everything has to be perfect! The first time I evaluate you/ your student / it is a learning experience. Your goal is to prove your student has made progress. Just breathe!

Please keep in mind- the months of June, July, and August are my BUSY SEASON. There will be other families ahead of you. Be patient. If your evaluation is turned in late- it is usually never because I didn't get it done on time. If you are already past due, ask for an extension from your county liaison. I can sometimes fit you in. Follow all these steps and you will be just fine!

"Evaluation time does NOT have to be stressful!"


One of our clients writes...

I wanted to let you know that your online evaluation was a wonderful blessing to our family. Not only was your website well organized and a great help, but your sincerity and care for my children's educational future shined through brilliantly. Thank you so much for the excellent information on homeschooling resources! I most definitely recommend you to anyone who wants an attentive, considerate evaluation of their homeschooler's work. 

Annette D.                         

See more on our "Testimonials" page!




Read the latest on SAT revisions which will be in place by 2016. Just more evidence of governmental "Dumbing Down" of our nation.

Also, keep up to date with the "Common Core" issue that plagues our public schools.




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