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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. It is very important to us that we respond to our clients as quickly as possible. If at all possible, our phones are answered when you call and messages are checked frequently.  If you DO have to leave a message, be assured we WILL return your call promptly. If you fill out a CONTACT FORM and you do not receive a response within 24 hours, it is possible there is a website error. Call or text  727 698-7735.

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This form is for Homeschool clients ONLY!

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 Got a question? Just use the Contact Form ➔ ➔ ➔    or call / text me, or email me directly.

Vicky's cell:  727 698-7735 (Text or call.)

PLEASE NOTE- I will NOT answer calls that come

in labeled as "NO CALLER ID." I give you my 

number, you can trust me and give me yours.

Please do NOT email your individual portfolio items to me! This seriously clogs up my email and your items will be bounced back to you. There are several options you can use to send me the "items required by law." The VERY BEST thing you can do is simply email to me one PDF file containing your entire portfolio. (Don't include separate title pages like "Math". It makes the file too thick.) Next option is to load your portfolio into a simple power-point (See my Services page for a tutorial on this, and other helpful options.)

If you have an appointment for an online/cyber Evaluation connect at the appropriate time using:

(Be SURE to request me as a CONTACT ahead of time so we can connect easily before our interview.)

Facetime is free and very easy if you have that app

loaded on your Apple device. Just connect at our

scheduled time.

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