Evaluation Station!

Mentor Program


"Two are better than one... but a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

Ecclesiastes 4:9,12

The purpose of the Evaluation Station Mentor Program is to join together two homeschooling families who

have similar goals in the hope that one family will be able to assist the other family in reaching their goal,

and that both families would benefit from the experience.

There are homeschooling families that have walked this road before you. You may want to benefit from

their experience. You, in turn, may want to help another family find their way. Just a little bit of

encouragement goes a long way! Just knowing there is someone you can call who understands

can mean the world. Mentors listen, offer advice, share their own experiences and resources, and may

even pray with you. Mentors check in with you every so often (maybe once a month?) just to see how

you are doing and offer a word of encouragement. Mentors are not perfect. They don't have it all figured

out, and they won't talk too long OR blab about you to their friends. They have some

experience under their belt that they would like to share, and they just care.

If you would like to be paired up with a mentor OR if you would like to volunteer to BE a mentor

please fill out the appropriate form below.

Please note that your mentor may connect with you via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Email, by

phone, or even in person, if you agree. Your mentor does not have to and may not live in your county.

(Disclaimer: Evaluation Station is not responsible for the actions of any mentors or those they serve.)

Pairings will be assigned, with prayerful consideration, as soon as possible.

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