Evaluation Station!

 Make a Power-Point Portfolio

      This is the absolute best way to submit a portfolio. I LOVE not having to 

open file after file to see everything! So let's get started...

-First, open the Power-Point application on your computer. (If you don't have

this application, obviously, you need to get it. This is a program your children

will use extensively in college, and most older students are very familiar with

it.) The icon for Microsoft Powerpoint is a big orange P. Click to open.

(I'm working from a MacBook so that is my point of reference, just so you

know.) When powerpoint opens, you will see a large white square which you

will be able to work on. (Think of it as a big piece of paper.)

A menu bar on the top (or side.) And another area (probably on the left

side) where you can see the pages once you create them. You can click on

these pages to go back to them if you need to.

-Your powerpoint program should be very self explanatory regarding how to add

text. For example, mine says, "Click to add title." When I move my cursor to

that box and click, I see the blinking line and I can then type in words. Easy!

This will come in handy as you label subject areas, etc. No need to write more

than the subject area on a page. No long explanations please.

-Next, you will probably see an icon at the top or on the side of your menu

bar that says, "Picture." When you click on that, follow the prompts to add

a picture or file (work sample) you have on your desk top. A list will probably

pop up and you can click on what you choose to add.

(IF you don't know how to scan a page onto your desk top, this requires you

using your printer. If you don't know how to do this, find a friend to help.

There are too many different computers and printers out there for me to

write a tutorial on that. You can also Google how to do it or check your

printer manual.)

-Once you have completed one page, find the icon in the menu bar that says,

"New Slide." When you click on that a new page will open up and you can

then add another item.

You CAN add all three work samples from one subject on one slide. I will just

enlarge the page when I read it. This will help you get done more quickly. It will

also reduce the number of pages in your power-point, making it easier to send.

-When you are finished and you want to send it to me, click on the "File" icon

in the top menu bar. In the pull down menu you should see a "Send to" option.

When you click on that it will open up a fresh email with the power-point

attached. All you have to do is put my email address in the top space that

says, "To:" and hit send. DO put your student's name in the Subject line so

I know whose portfolio I am receiving.

IF you don't see that option then do this- Just "SAVE" your power point as a

PDF file. Then drag it into an email to me and hit "Send." Again- Be sure to

put your student's name in the Subject line of the email.

IF none of this makes sense to you, you have two options. Use Google to find

out how to make a power-point using your particular computer. OR, ask a

friend or relative to help get you started with the basics. OR... just mail the

portfolio to me! (Make copies if you wish. Send it with return postage if you

want me to send it back.)

Remember NOT to send more than 3 work samples of each subject. Send ONLY

the "items required by law" as outlined on MY power-point on the Services

page and you will do great!

Thanks a bunch. I hope this has been helpful.