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 Learning Styles Assessment

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offering valuable learning styles assessments for students in grades 3 - 12.

This information will help you choose the most effective teaching methods for your child!


$10, in-person or online 

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Includes professional consultation and a print out of the in-depth analysis of learning styles & personality temperaments.

Group rates available for 15 or more. Assessments available online or in-person (if possible).

Discover 12 Individual Learning Styles

and Personality Temperaments

Sensory Preferences (how you learn best)

• Visual
• Auditory
• Tactual
• Kinesthetic

Organizational Preferences (how you like to work)

• Global
• Sequential

Perceptual Preferences (how you view the world)

• Abstract
• Concrete

The Kaleidoscope Profile Learning Styles Inventory

Personality Temperaments (who you are)

• Intuitive Feeling
• Intuitive Thinking
• Sensing Judging
• Sensing Perceiving


Easy and Fun!

Individuals taking the profile will respond to prompts by peeling off stickers containing phrases which hold meaning for them. Each sticker contains well-researched phrases that address specific learning and working styles. The stickers are easily applied to a personal folder.

Because of its unique sticker and folder format, The Kaleidoscope Profile is enjoyable to complete. Unlike most paper-and-pencil inventories, this profile does not contain long questions or obscure words. Peeling off colorful stickers to reveal various learning styles is fun for all ages. Students and parents will receive immediate, in-depth feedback. This information can then be used to help your child learn more effectively, making the entire learning experience more pleasurable for both of you!